Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How quickly is web hosting set up after ordering?
A: Hosting setup is automatic once your order is paid for and completed.

Q: What is the bandwidth limit for web hosting packages?
A: Bandwidth is unlimited. Even if you exceed 500TB, there will be no issues.

Q: Can I get a private IP for my web hosting?
A: Yes, we can offer a private IP for your web hosting at the price of 24€ per year.

Q: How do I upgrade my current web hosting package?
A: Log in to your account and visit our hosting upgrade page. Note that you cannot choose a lower or identical package.

Q: Can I use FTP for purposes other than backup or editing web files?
A: Yes, FTP can be used as needed.

Q: What if my hosting expires and I can't renew it immediately?
A: Contact us. We'll provide a month of free usage. After that, if not renewed, files will be deleted.


Q: How long does setting up a dedicated server take?
A: Setup time varies; maximum is 48 hours, typically few hours.

Q: How long does setting up a VPS take?
A: The setup is automated. After placing your order, login details will be sent to your email immediately.

Q: What is the maximum number of IP addresses I can order for VPS and Dedicated Servers?
A: For VPS, you can order up to a /26 subnet, which includes 64 IP addresses. For Dedicated Servers, the maximum is a /20 subnet with 4096 IP addresses. However, the most commonly ordered subnet for Dedicated Servers is /24, which includes 256 IPs.

Q: Can I send mass emails from my servers?
A: Yes, mass emailing is allowed, but it must comply with our anti-spam policy. Please ensure your email campaigns are in line with best practices, such as having recipients' consent and providing an opt-out option. For guidelines on setting up and conducting email campaigns responsibly, refer to our blog.

Q: Can you help with configuring SMTP on my server?
A: Yes, we can assist with SMTP configuration. Please check our blog for detailed instructions on how to configure PowerMTA (PMTA).

Q: How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?
A: Unlimited. There's no cap on the number of websites.

Q: Do I need a separate IP for each website on my server?
A: No, one IP can host unlimited websites.

Q: What if the server hardware fails?
A: We are responsible for hardware faults and will repair or replace the server at no cost.

Q: What happens if I disrupt the operating system?
A: Open a ticket and we will reinstall OS for you. The costs of reinstallation are 10 EUR.

Q: Can I upgrade my dedicated server hardware?
A: Yes, hardware upgrades are available at any time.

Q: What is the bandwidth limit for dedicated servers?
A: Bandwidth is unlimited, similar to our web hosting packages.

Q: What software can I install on my server?
A: You can install any legal software.

Q: What is the minimum contract period for a dedicated server?
A: Dedicated servers are available on a monthly contract for flexibility.


Q: Do I need to use your services to join the affiliate program?
A: No, you can join our affiliate program without being a hosting customer.

Q: How much can I earn with the affiliate program?
A: Earnings are from new customer sales, not renewals. For example, selling a 250€ server minus PayPal fees (3%) leaves a profit of 19.40€ after applying an 8% commission.

Q: What are the affiliate payout terms and fees?
A: The minimum payout is 5€. There are no costs, but payment methods may charge a fee.

Q: How can I contact MAXKO Hosting if my question isn't listed here?
A: Contact us via our contact form, direct email at, or live chat when available.